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RUXNE Finance presents a scalable, fully decentralized platform for exchanging tokens in a peer-peer and trustless manner. It enables high-frequency trading, high liquidity, and lightning-fast transaction speed for supporting DeFi applications.

The RUXNE Finance platform requires a native platform Token in order to provide decentralized governance, to incentivize users of the platform and to power future smart contract functionality. This native platform Token, called RUXNE, is designed to provide maximum flexibility for development and usage.

RUXNE Finance is an AMM DEX protocol for the decentralised exchange of shares of Tokenized Vaults. It achieves this through the creation of a Layer 2 Blockchain where users can trustlessly swap accounts & assets from multiple Layer 1 Blockchains including Ethereum, and 2nd Binance Smart Chain. RUXNE Finance AMM Dex simplifies yield farming and reduces its costs for users, without sacrificing decentralisation or self-custody. By allowing the trust less trading of cognized yields, it also introduces greater liquidity and other novel attractive properties. With RUXNE Finance AMM Dex, cryptocurrency holders can benefit from passive income without the demands of active portfolio management, whilst active DeFi portfolio managers can trustlessly trade on behalf of users and generate profits without friction or high transaction fees.

RUXNE Yield Farming

Earn exceptional APY on your crypto assets with RUXNE leveraged interest platform. So Lets Control your assets.

Cross-chain AMM Dex

RUXNE The most competitive protocl, lts switch to other blockchains in one click with Cross-chain DeFi platform.

RUXNE Staking & Lending

Earn profit with governance rights of all swaps from all chains at single click with RUXNE platform and get elastic interest rates to lending markets.

IDO & NFT Marketplace

RUXNE platform built a marketplace for IDO and NFT, where each project is amazing and help RUXNE users to grow their future.